Why discipleship?


By Simon Lerefolo Our church has been on a long journey of becoming a disciple-making church. During times of strategic planning, fasting and prayer over the past couple of years, we repeatedly sensed that the Lord is calling us to be an apostolic centre. By definition, the word apostle means sent one. Kris Vollaton said   […] More

Our perspective on tithing

tree and grass in sun

There is much debate amongst believers in the Church today as to whether “tithing” is a New Testament practice; or whether it “fell away” with the law.  Every believer should understand what the Bible and the Lord really says regarding tithing and giving to the local church. The practice of tithing The practice of tithing   […] More

What we believe about Lobola


Throughout Africa a marriage could not take place without some form of gift (or “payment”) of animals, food or other material goods to the parents and family of the bride. Today people speak of this as paying “dowry”. Technically this is not dowry, but ‘bride-price’, ‘bride-gift’, ‘bride-worth’ and the most commonly used word is lobola.    […] More

What about divorce?


As a church we believe in the Holy Covenant of Marriage as laid out in Scripture.  There are principles in Scripture, however, by which we can appropriately view and reconcile the dissolution of the covenant of marriage. We recognise divorce as a biblical option under the following conditions: Continued infidelity and adultery. Spousal, physical, sexual   […] More